Regulation and State Implementation Plan (SIP) Development

Air Policy and Planning in the Office of Air Quality at DEQ is responsible for incorporating federal Clean Air Act (CAA) requirements into State regulations through the rulemaking process and for developing state implementation plans (SIPs) and CAA section 111(d) state plans to implement federal requirements. These plans demonstrate how CAA requirements will be implemented under state statutes and regulations, and these plans are federally enforceable.

Under the CAA section 110, each state is required to submit a SIP that provides for the implementation, maintenance, and enforcement of a revised primary or secondary National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS). Under CAA section 111(d), EPA establishes a procedure for states to submit a state plan to establish and provide for implementation and enforcement of standards of performance for existing sources of air pollutants that are not otherwise regulated as criteria pollutants and are not emitted from a source category regulated under CAA section 112. States are also required to develop SIPs to protect visibility per CAA section 169A, prevent significant deterioration of air quality under Part C of the CAA, and re-attain the NAAQS in areas designated as non-attainment under Part D of the CAA.

All regulations, SIPs, and state plans are made available for public comment prior to finalization. DEQ engages in extensive outreach as it develops its regulations, SIPs, and state plans. The SIP/Planning section of Air Policy and Planning has developed a guidance on how to comment on the record for DEQ Rulemakings and SIP Revisions: Developing and Submitting Comments.

Information on current and past rulemaking activities can be found on the Laws & Regulations, Draft Regulations, and Archives web pages.” The currently approved portions of the Arkansas SIP are codified in 40 CFR Part 52, Subpart E, sections 52.170 to 52.200 and can be found on the EPA Region 6 Air Regulations: State Implementation Plans web page.

For more information about the current status of upcoming SIPs and state plans, please view the “Arkansas SIP Status Update.”

A copy of EPA’s November 26, 2019 letter regarding the State Implementation Plan backlog can be found here.