Energy Data Profile

Act 7 of 1981 directed the Arkansas Energy Office to compile an energy profile for the State that includes consumption, supply, and costs for renewable and non-renewable energy resources.  The University of Arkansas at Little Rock's Institute for Economic Advancement was commissioned by the Energy Office to compile this 2010 Arkansas Energy Data Profile (EDP).  An interactive version of the data is also available.

 EDP Cover 2010

The following table highlights some of the facts and statistics explored in the energy data profile, many of which compare Arkansas’ production and usage to other states and the country as a whole.  For example, Arkansas ranks 4th amongst states in the U.S. for average gallons used per registered vehicle and 9th for proved reserves of natural gas. 

 State Statistics Rank in U.S. 
Average Gallons Used per Registered Vehicle  4th highest 
Proved Reserves of Natural Gas  9th highest
Energy Consumption per Dollar of State Product  11th highest
Marketed Production of Natural Gas  12th highest
Energy Consumption per Capita - 2004  15th highest
Energy Price by State  41st highest

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    Compiled by DOE’s Energy Information Administration.