Energy Education

Why is Energy Education Important?

Teaching our youth about energy issues is perhaps as important as teaching them grammar or history. As the next generation of energy users, effective education offered early can help our students choose energy sources and behaviors that will benefit everyone by creating a sustainable energy future.

By teaching the next generation about wise energy choices, we can help alleviate negative impacts associated with energy use, such as:

  • Smog
  • Acid Rain
  • Human Induced Global Climate
  • Nuclear Radiation and Waste
  • Renewable energy education addresses today's hot topics, including:
  • Homeland security
  • Dependence on foreign oil
  • Impacts of energy use on society
  • Energy conservation
  • Global warming
  • Environmental degradation
  • Health
  • Economy
  • Pollution

How is Arkansas Addressing Energy Education?

Educating Arkansas about wise energy use is a top priority for the Arkansas Energy Office (AEO). The AEO is engaged in several projects designed to improve the awareness of energy efficiency throughout Arkansas.

Little Rock's Museum of Discovery is home to a new interactive energy exhibit, created for students ages 8-14. The exhibit demonstrates energy concepts in a fun and comprehendible manner. The exhibit was provided by the Arkansas Energy Office, and features hands-on displays and video kiosks that allow visitors to design a simulated, energy-efficient home suited for the Arkansas climate. They can use energy generated from their bodies to provide power for light bulbs, and can even watch hydrogen energy being produced. The exhibit will be open for five years.

Arkansas residents visit the new interactive energy exhibit.

The Fuel Cell Energy Program was developed for students in grades 10-12 to increase awareness of the non-polluting fuel cell as an energy source and its role in creating a clean green environment. Three central Arkansas high schools took part in the 2003-2004 Fuel Cell Energy Pilot Program. Get more information about some of the equipment used in the program.

Arkansas students work to build a model car powered by a fuel cell as part of the Fuel Cell Energy Program. Photo: Arkansas Energy Office

Students also will benefit from the Arkansas Energy Data Profile, which provides a host of useful Arkansas energy data, as well as photos, video clips and more!

  • Energy Exhibit at the Museum of Discovery

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