Bioenergy Researchers

Agricultural and Extension Education

Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness

  • Dr. Michael Popp: Production and marketing alternatives for agricultural producers, economic analysis of processing alternatives for biofuels.

Animal Science

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Chemical Engineering

  • Dr. Robert E. Babcock: Analytical chemistry of petroleum and biofuel derivitives.
  • Dr. Ed Clausen: Biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals.
  • Dr. Jerry King: Critical fluid and "green" processing, biomass conversion, biomass conversion technologies, chemical separations.

Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences

  • Dr. Robert Bacon: Canola breeding program for biodiesel.
  • Dr. Nilda Burgos: Weed control options and irrigation for sweet sorghum.
  • Dr. Pengyin Chen: Development of high oil soybeans for biodiesel production.
  • Dr. Tommy Daniel: Feedstock preparation and processing.
  • Dr. Jason Kelley: Production practices of corn, grain sorghum, and a limited program on sweet sorghum.
  • Dr. Larry Purcell: Exploring sunflower production in Arkansas. 
  • Dr. Andrew Sharpley: Collaborating with Dr. Chuck West on the synergistic use of poultry litter in switchgrass production in NW Arkansas and NE Oklahoma.
  • Dr. Nathan Slaton: Trials with canola to investigate/develop crop fertilization recommendations. 
  • Dr. Chuck West: Switchgrass trials to test varieties for biomass production, determine effective weed control methods, and study changes in biomass accumulation and nutrient uptake.

Food Science

Forest Resources

  • Dr. Hal Liechty: Feedstock production using trees and switchgrass in agroforest systems - impact on water quality, carbon sequestration, and ecosystem services.
  • Dr. Sayeed Mehmood: Bioenergy, optimum incentives and sustainability of non-industrial private forests.
  • Dr. David Patterson: Co-products from forestry resources.
  • Dr. Matthew Pelkki: In-forest residues and mill residues for biorefineries.

Plant Pathology

Poultry Science

  • Dr. Kris Brye: Investigating the soil carbon sequestration potential of various soils under various cropping systems in order to help assess the environmental effects of the continual removal of residues for biofuel production.

Precision Agriculture

  • Dr. Jeremy Ross: Exploring whether canola and other seed crops can be grown in Arkansas for biodiesel production. 


If you know of others involved in bioenergy research that we don't have listed here, please email and let us know.

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