Hazardous Waste Electronic Reporting

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How To Get Started

To register for an account, go to https://rcrainfo.epa.gov/rcrainfoprod, click “Register” and select “Industry User”.  If you have credentials for EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX) or have already created an account for the RCRAInfo Industry Application, enter those credentials in the URL specified above.

The RCRAInfo Industry User Registration e-learning course (rcrainfoindustry.learningzen.com) is available to assist you with the registration process.  You will need to establish a free account within LearningZen to access this course and other courses associated with the RCRAInfo Industry Application by selecting the “click here” link, completing the information requested, and supplying the authorization code of “rcrainfo”.

A complete user’s guide is available within the application by clicking “Documentation” from the main navigation bar and selecting “Help”.