Arkansas Green Technology Grant Program

Arkansas Green Technology Grant Program - $3,147,000

The goal of this project is to provide grants targeted to support clean technology companies in Arkansas that make or sell products that contribute to renewable energy (RE) production or storage, energy efficiency (EE), or that result in an overall reduction in energy use in the state economy. This program is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and administered by the Arkansas Energy Office, a division of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.

Projects Awarded:

AERT: $190,000 for replacement of high energy use recycling equipment with one piece of high energy efficient equipment with an estimated annual energy savings of 222,180 kWh, a demand savings of 336 kW.


AmerCable: 675,000 for installation of an additional product line for components used in solar panel construction. This would support an increase in solar panel manufacturing that can generate an additional 9,940 megawatt hours which would result in 2.8 million metric tons of Co2 emissions avoided. Three full time jobs will be created.


LGW inc.: $290,496 for a pilot project to demonstrate battery based storage systems to work in conjunction with solar and wind generations in residential and commercial applications. 


EcoMembrane USA (a division of Splash Pools): $315,000 for expansion of business to manufacture biomembranes for use in collection of methane gas over anaerobic digesters for use as biogass. Project has potential job creation of one engineering position and one equipment operator.


Phigenics: $300,000 for build out of a water analysis facility to use in reduction of energy consumption and chemical use in commercial and industrial cooling towers and heat exchangers. Anticipated energy savings is an approximate 15% reduction in electrical consumption for HVAC uses per facility. Anticipate five new jobs to be created with the potential for significant additional jobs to be added.


NextGen Illumination: $337,500 for statewide demonstration product of LED lighting in multiple commercial applications as well as an innovative autism lighting trial in partnership with the University of Arkansas.


Columbia Forest Products: $100,047 to retrofit existing boiler to supply heating steam for area building.This will replace use of natural gas heating in the areas.Anticipate saving of $25,361 in annual utility costs and avoidance of 266,496 kg Co2 emissions.


Cooper Power Systems: $60,000 to replace annealing oven with high efficiency oven. Anticipated savings of 65,000 kWh annually.


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Bekaert: $100,000 Facility lighting retrofit that will result in an annual savings of 813,481 kWh or approximately 47% savings in utility costs.


AP Fabrications: 109,345 for a demonstration of their new economizer design. Economizer to be fabricated in Stuttgart and installed in a Wayne Farms facility in Danville. Estimated energy savings of 2,700,000 Btu/hr.


Global Manufacturing: $315,000 to retrofit roof from R 1.7 to R-9 allowing facility to be expanded for two new production lines having the potential to create 30 jobs in the next two years. Annual energy savings potential of 196,031 kWh electrical consumption and 2,949,473,666 Btu’s due to reduction in natural gas use. The energy savings results in a reduction of CO2 emissions of 499,120 lbs annually.


Flexsteel: $257.264.94 to perform a facility lighting and HVAC retrofit that will create an estimated annual utility savings of $48,987 resulting in elimination of 752,365 pounds CO2 equivalent and has the potential to create 5 jobs.



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