News Releases

Date Title Division
12/06/2019  December CAP Marketing Board Meeting Scheduled 
12/04/2019  Makes Funding Available for Reducing Emissions from Diesels 
12/03/2019  December PC&EC Meeting Cancelled 
11/27/2019  Meeting Scheduled for Storage Tank Advisory Committee 
11/13/2019  Arkansas Continues Progress with Oklahoma on the Illinois River 
10/25/2019  Illinois River Watershed Steering Committee Meeting Scheduled (EE and Ag) 
10/21/2019  Dassault Falcon Jet Receives DEQs First NStEP Recognition 
10/21/2019  DEQ and EPA Partner to Clear SIP Backlog 
10/21/2019  Pratt and Whitney PSD Receives DEQs NStEP Recognition 
10/16/2019  October PC&EC Meeting and Retreat Scheduled 
10/14/2019  DEQ Finalizes Ozone Plan  
10/07/2019  DEQ Sets New Date to Hold Stakeholder Meeting on the Affordable Clean Energy Rule 
10/01/2019  Notice of Public Input for Conceptual Closure Plan for Waste Storage Ponds 
09/24/2019  DEQ to Hold Stakeholder Meeting on the Affordable Clean Energy Rule  
09/19/2019  September APC&EC Meeting Scheduled 
09/10/2019  EPA Approves Regional Haze State Plan Revision 
08/19/2019  August APCEC Meeting Cancelled 
08/09/2019  Wastewater Licensing Committee Scheduled to Meet 
07/31/2019  ADEQ Opens Two Funding Assistance Programs under Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust 
07/30/2019  September Pollution Prevention and LEAN Principles Training Set for Little Rock 
07/19/2019  APC&EC Meeting Scheduled 
07/01/2019  ADEQ Launches the Natural State Environmental Program 
06/24/2019  Petroleum Storage Advisory Committee Meeting Scheduled 
06/20/2019  June APC&EC Meeting Scheduled 
06/17/2019  EPA and ADEQ Issue No Action Assurances Regarding Asbestos Requirements for Flooded Counties 
06/11/2019  BBRAC Meeting Scheduled 
06/10/2019  ADEQ Revises Beneficiary Mitigation Plan 
05/16/2019  Public Hearing Set for Reynolds Metals Company Permit Modification 
05/16/2019  Public Hearing Set for Sun Bio Material Company Air Permit 
05/15/2019  May APC&EC Meeting Scheduled 
05/07/2019  Winners Announced for the 2019 ADEQ Environmental Awards 
05/06/2019  Arkansas Wastewater licensing May release 
05/03/2019  Bella Vista POA to Assume Responsibility of the Trafalgar Site 
04/26/2019  Finalists Selected for the 2019 ADEQ Environmental Awards 
04/16/2019  Petroleum Storage Advisory Committee Meeting  
04/15/2019  April APCEC Meeting Cancelled 
04/12/2019  to Hold Community Forum to Discuss Trafalgar Site 
04/08/2019  ADEQ Awards Go Red! Funding 
03/29/2019  CAP Marketing Board Meeting Scheduled 
03/22/2019  ADEQ Office of Air Quality Releases 2018 State of the Air Report 
03/21/2019  ADEQ Announces Trafalgar Site Preliminary Response Action Plan 
03/18/2019  March APC&EC Meeting Cancelled 
03/05/2019  ADEQ Director Keogh Testifies at Senate EPW Subcommittee Hearing 
02/27/2019  ADEQ Seeks Environmental Leaders for 2019 Environmental Awards 
02/19/2019  Trafalgar Site Update 
02/15/2019  February APC& EC Meeting Scheduled 
02/14/2019  Trafalgar Site Update 
02/11/2019  Beautiful Buffalo River Action Committee Meeting to be Rescheduled 
02/08/2019  Arkansas Wastewater Licensing Committee to Meet 
01/18/2019  January APC&EC Meeting Scheduled 
01/17/2019  ADEQ Receives Draft Response Action Plan for Trafalgar Road Fire 
01/04/2019  ADEQ Go Red! 2nd Application Deadline Nearing 
01/03/2019  Air Reulatory Efficiency and Streamlining Effort (EASE) Collaborative Meeting Scheduled