Other Permit Matters

Below you will find access to public notices concerning permit issues. These may include notices of proposed permits or modifications, the granting of interim authority under pending permits, authorizations for permit variances and other matters for which public comment is being sought or which may be of other interest to citizens. The most recent notices appear at the top of the list.

Notices related to permit hearings or meetings are found under Permit Hearings and Meetings.

To view a public notice, click on the title of public notice indicated below under the column heading entitled “Title.”

Date Title Division
10/08/2018  Notice of Administratively Complete Class 2 Permit Modification Application 
07/19/2018  Notice of Renewal of Permit 0422- MC- A2 for Sebastian Mining, LLC 
07/18/2018  Notice of Administratively Complete RCRA Class 2 Permit Modification 
03/08/2018  Notice of Final Permit Decision on Mining  Land
02/28/2018  Rineco Admin Complete Public Notice 
02/22/2018  Pine Bluff Arsenal Permit Renewal  Land
01/11/2018  Armtec Permit Proposal  Land
01/11/2018  Weyerhaeuser Permit  Land
01/10/2018  Notice of Renewal Mining General Permit 0002-MN-AG2 Land 
01/08/2018  General Permit TAR  Land