Workshops for Business / Community

ADEQ's Recycling Branch staff can help you find out what you are throwing away and explore options for reducing, reusing, recycling, composting, and disposing of it.

We can help find solid waste solutions for communities, businesses, schools, colleges, nonprofits, and government agencies.

To see the business/community workshops scheduled, visit the Education Resources Calendar. Some of our more frequently requested offerings are listed below:

  1. Speakers and Presentations

    for civic groups and business meetings.

  2. Waste Reduction Is Good Business Workshop

    shows how reducing waste can benefit your bottom line and provides resources to help you get started down the path to greener profits.

  3. Pay-As-You-Throw Workshop

    gives community leaders information about unit pricing for municipal waste services, which requires residential and commercial customers to pay for the amount of waste they create instead of a fixed rate. PAYT is working for communities throughout Arkansas.

  4. Waste Audit or Waste Sort

    examines what your facility or community is throwing away and determines what materials could be exchanged, reused, sold, or recycled. The result could reduce your waste disposal costs.

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