Resident and Community
Watershed Resources

ADEQ's Watershed Outreach and Education Program aims to reach out to Arkansas residents and communities to increase their understanding and appreciation of the beauty, complexity and value of our watersheds.

ADEQ staff are available for presentations on:

  • what individuals can do for water quality in their gardens, homes, and communities
  • aquatic ecology (insects, fish, and other water life)
  • native plants for conservation, restoration, and landscaping
  • rain gardens, rain barrels , green roofs, pervious paving, and other topics

Volunteer Watershed Groups

Volunteer watershed groups provide vital leadership in promoting community awareness of water quality. ADEQ's watershed outreach coordinator assists local watershed groups with:

  • grant writing
  • drafting watershed plans
  • facilitating meetings
  • identifying partnerships
  • finding sources of water quality/watershed data
  • creating watershed maps
  • other issues

Organized Arkansas Watershed Community Efforts

The success of watershed community efforts is often dependent on cooperative partnerships built on understanding, trust, and respect. Because they reflect the needs of the community, on-the-ground projects encompass a wide variety of natural resource issues but often include a strong education and outreach component. Projects include water quality monitoring, strategies for living with wildlife, noxious weed management, habitat restoration, stormwater, rain gardens, and more.