Draft Regulations

The following Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission regulations are currently under revision. Drafts were initiated by ADEQ, the APC&E Commission, or third parties (i.e., a person, business, or entity other than the commission or ADEQ).

Oral and written comments may be made as specified in the public notice included on each draft regulation's page. The notice also summarizes what's being changed and the date(s) and location(s) of public hearing(s) on the revision.

Draft Regulation APC&EC Docket Number Initiated
2 #13-001-R 3rd Party Request
Lion Oil Company
2 #19-001-R 3rd Party Request
Vulcan Construction Materials, LLC
5 #19-002-R ADEQ
6 #19-003-R ADEQ
8 #18-003-R ADEQ
14 #18-007-R ADEQ
16 #17-002-R ADEQ
37 #18-001-R 3rd Party Request
The Northwest Arkansas Nutrient Trading Research and Advisory Group ("NANTRAG")