"Track and Save" Program

Track your energy and save money with kilowatt-hour meters from public libraries!



Quick facts

  • The purpose of this program is to educate Arkansans about energy use and energy efficiency. Learn how to save energy.
  • Any library patron can check out a kilowatt-hour meter for free from participating libraries.
  • Kilowatt-hour meters are small devices that plug into an outlet and can accurately measure the amount of energy an appliance uses. This helps the owner understand energy costs on an electric bill. To learn more, visit the manufacturer website.
  • The average Arkansas household spends about $1900 a year on utilities; about 33%, or $627 a year, is spent on appliances and lights alone.
  • This program is funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and administered by the Arkansas Energy Office.



If you’ve used the kilowatt-hour meter, please share your opinion with us!


Participating libraries

This program is open to any public library in Arkansas. Currently, 25% of the public libraries are participating in this program. Check back soon for a full list of participating libraries.

If you want to track your energy with kilowatt-hour meters, ask your library to participate in this program!


Press release

Read the press release.



poseter- business 2-22

Save energy in your business!

How much energy do all the computers and printers use in your office? Learn to reduce your energy expenses and greenhouse gas emissions!

  • Check out a kilowatt meter from a participating library!
  • Put up the poster in your office to remind others to save energy.
  • Need extra assistance with employee engagement? The Arkansas Energy Office would love to come and talk to your employees about residential energy efficiency, residential renewable energy, and alternative fuels. Contact Harmony Hudson, HHudson@ArkansasEDC.com for more information.



For more information, contact:

Mitchell Simpson
Outreach and Training Manager
Arkansas Energy Office
Email: MSimpson@arkansasedc.com
Phone: 501-682-1060



For press opportunities, contact:

Joe Holmes
Marketing and Communications Director
Arkansas Economic Development Commission
Email: JHolmes@ArkansasEDC.com
Phone: 501-682-5154