5-Day Notice of Intent for Renewal of ARG160000

This is to give notice that the Permits Branch of the Water Division has received a complete renewal recertification Notice of Intent (NOI) from the applicants (sanitary landfills) listed in the table below in order to continue coverage under the 2015 renewal of NPDES General Permit ARG160000 for the discharge of uncontaminated stormwater from a sedimentation pond.

In accordance with Part 1.3.5 of the NPDES General Permit ARG160000, the public will have five business days after the publication date (please see table below) to review and comment on an NOI. The comments will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. (Central Time) of the final day of the five-day comment period. ADEQ will review comments received during this period and, if necessary, require the applicant to revise the NOI. If determined appropriate by ADEQ, the operator will be granted coverage under this general permit upon written notification by ADEQ.

Notification of Notice of Intent for NPDES General Permit
Renewal of ARG160000 for Sanitary Landfill Pond

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Permittee Name Permit Number AFIN Date Renewal NOI
Deemed Complete
Publication Date Renewal NOI County
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Cannon Landfill, LLC ARG160050 35-00223 02/26/2020 02/27/2020 Renewal NOI  Jefferson
Central Arkansas Recyling & Disposal Services, LLC ARG160043 60-04211 02/26/2020 02/27/2020 Renewal NOI  Pulaski
City of Little Rock ARG160036 60-01071 02/24/2020 02/25/2020 Renewal NOI  Pulaski
Twin Rivers Pine Bluff LLC ARG160040 35-00999 02/14/2020 02/15/2020 Renewal NOI  Jefferson
City of Stuttgart ARG160044 01-00152 02/12/2020 02/13/2020 Renewal NOI  Prairie
City of Helena-West Helena ARG160032 54-00086 02/10/2020 02/11/2020 Renewal NOI  Phillips
Northeast Arkansas Solid Waste Management District ARG160023 28-00077 02/10/2020 02/11/2020 Renewal NOI  Greene
Crittenden County ARG160035 18-00094 02/10/2020 02/11/2020 Renewal NOI  Crittenden
Cherokee Sanitary Landfill Company ARG160025 25-00028 01/16/2020 01/17/2020 Renewal NOI  Fulton
Mississippi County Landfill ARG160029 47-00124 01/08/2020 01/09/2020 Renewal NOI  Mississippi
Nevada County ARG160038 50-00051 12/31/2019 01/01/2020 Renewal NOI  Nevada
Plum Point Services Company, LLC ARG160042 47-00461 12/30/2019 12/31/2019 Renewal NOI  Mississippi
Waste Management of Arkansas ARG160045 72-00144 11/27/2019 11/28/2019 Renewal NOI  Washington
Waste Management of Arkansas, Inc. ARG160011 60-00438 11/27/2019 11/28/2019 Renewal NOI  Pulaski
Waste Management of Arkansas, Inc. ARG160012 35-00170 11/27/2019 11/28/2019 Renewal NOI  Jefferson
Ozark Ridge Landfill, Inc. ARG160014 75-00046 11/27/2019 11/28/2019 Renewal NOI  Yell
BFI Waste Systems of Arkansas, LLC ARG160018 63-00155 09/09/2019 09/10/2019 Renewal NOI  Saline
City of Conway ARG160004 23-00010 08/28/2019 08/29/2019 Renewal NOI  Faulkner
Calhoun County ARG160052 07-00024 08/08/2019 08/09/2019 Renewal NOI  Calhoun
Cleburne County ARG160046 12-00039 08/08/2019 08/09/2019 Renewal NOI  Cleburne
City of Hope ARG160015 29-00034 08/08/2019 08/09/2019 Renewal NOI  Hempstead
City of Morrilton ARG160001 15-00034 08/05/2019 08/06/2019 Renewal NOI  Conway
Upper Southwest RSWMD ARG160021 31-00107 08/02/2019 08/03/2019 Renewal NOI  Howard
City of Fort Smith ARG160017 66-00226 08/02/2019 08/03/2019 Renewal NOI  Sebastian
Clark County ARG160047 10-00062 08/01/2019 08/02/2019 Renewal NOI  Clark
Craighead County SWDA ARG160049 16-00199 03/11/2015 03/12/2015 Renewal NOI  Craighead
Waste Corporation of Arkansas, LLC ARG160026 70-00364 02/27/2015 02/28/2015 Renewal NOI  Union
Columbia County, AR ARG160039 14-00195 01/05/2015 01/06/2015 Renewal NOI  Columbia
Garland County Environmental Svc Department ARG160034 26-00405 10/24/2014 10/25/2014 Renewal NOI  Garland
Ashley County ARG160027 02-00038 10/24/2014 10/25/2014 Renewal NOI  Ashley