Notice of Intent for ARG790000

This is to give notice that the Permits Branch of the Water Division has received a complete Notice of Intent (NOI) from the applicants listed in the table below to obtain coverage under NPDES General Permit ARG790000 for the discharge of treated groundwater/surface water which may have been contaminated with petroleum fuels.

If determined appropriate by ADEQ, the operator will be granted coverage under this general permit upon written notification by ADEQ.

Notification of Notice of Intent for NPDES General Permit
ARG790000 for Groundwater Cleanup

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Permittee Name Permit Number AFIN Date NOI
Deemed Complete
NOI County
Recs Found: 11
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Farmers Cooperative Association ARG790114 17-00398 09/12/2018 NOI  Crawford
Alvin Miller ARG790113 42-00321 07/27/2017 NOI  Logan
Miller-Claborn Oil Distributing Company, Inc. ARG790110 46-00486 01/09/2017 NOI  Miller
United States Air Force ARG790112 47-00154 11/10/2016 NOI  Mississippi
Equity Bank ARG790108 05-00213 03/30/2016 NOI  Boone
Coulson Oil Company, Inc. ARG790098 30-00434 03/30/2016 NOI  Hot Springs
South Arkansas Oil Company ARG790109 70-00962 02/24/2016 NOI  Union
Betty Jo Griffin ARG790104 17-00427 02/22/2016 NOI  Crawford
Russ Workman ARG790111 17-00283 02/19/2016 NOI  Crawford
Southwestern Electric Power Company ARG790107 04-00107 03/17/2014 NOI  Benton
Flash Oil Co. of Arkansas, Inc. ARG790102 17-00428 10/11/2011 NOI  Crawford