Message from the DEQ Director

As Arkansans, we are all truly fortunate to live in the Natural State. We, at the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment, Division of Environmental Quality, work daily across the state and in your community to advance our important mission to protect, enhance, and restore the natural environment for the well-being of all Arkansans. We are a state, which through your actions, has seen great progress in clearer air, cleaner water, and revitalized land. This has occurred while at the same time the state continues to realize great opportunities for improved quality of life and growth.

Each year we receive applications and issue thousands of permits which are protective of clean water, air, and land resources. Our regionally based inspection teams conduct thousands of inspections, providing compliance assistance as well as informing enforcement when necessary to assure those regulated work effectively to uphold state and federal environmental laws. Our personnel are often among the first on the scene at an oil spill or chemical release. We partner with state, federal, and local officials to ensure actual risk to the environment is minimized and environmental damages, when they occur, are restored.

We strive to be responsive to the public and to those we regulate whether we're working to help a small salvage yard understand its stormwater permit or with a city looking to open a new recycling facility. We realize the vital role industry plays in our economy and the importance of efficient, clear, and predictable permitting procedures.

Public involvement and input is vital to finding sustainable solutions and to making decisions which will withstand the test of time. We invite all stakeholders to participate in our decision-making process and we offer programs to educate the public and our regulated community. We respond to complaints we receive, many of which are filed online. We are continuously updating our website to make it more user-friendly while keeping intact features that allow users to view draft and existing permits, complaints, legal notices and more.

We are using advanced technology solutions to assess environmental conditions, provide more immediate access to information, and to aid in our understanding and study of environmental factors. We've also introduced smart phone app that allows transfer of information on the go. We seek information which will allow our agency to quickly respond and our staff to be more prepared to focus on the concerns on the ground. We seek your help as citizens of Arkansas and value the input you can provide.

Our employees can be seen around the state, conducting inspections at service stations, pulling water samples from a scenic river, talking to a local chamber or business group about recycling tax credits or speaking to cities and nonprofit groups about our brownfield program.

We hope that if you see them out and about that you will take the time to talk to them, provide helpful feedback, and ask them any questions you may have about our programs.

We want to hear from you.