Program Guidelines

The Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment (E&E) Residential Mercury Collection Program is for the disposal of elemental mercury and certain mercury-containing equipment (thermometers, barometers, and similar devices) from residential households, when no other collection option exists. Batteries and light bulbs are excluded from the program and will not be accepted. Material from non-residential sources will not be accepted. Commercial mercury collection and recycling programs exist, so they are not included in this program.

General Information About Program

  • E&E currently collects mercury at regional/area offices located in Little Rock, El Dorado, Fort Smith, and Jonesboro, with plans to expand to other areas of the state in the future.
  • Residents may drop off appropriately packaged items at a participating E&E office at a scheduled appointment during normal business hours. However, for exceptional circumstances such as an environmental or human health concern, a resident with limited mobility, or a large quantity of elemental mercury a pickup should be arranged.
  • This program does not provide mercury clean-up services.
  • For program information contact the E&E Emergency Management Emergency Response Coordinator at 501-682-0716.

Safe Handling

When handling mercury containing devices:

  • Always wear latex gloves.
  • Never use a vacuum cleaner or broom to clean up mercury.
  • Take special care and use caution to prevent any further contamination or spreading.
  • Place all spilled mercury and materials used for cleanup inside a sealed container.

Collection and Processing

  • When E&E receives a request for mercury disposal, personnel will contact the resident within three business days to schedule a drop-off or pick-up.
  • No items will be accepted or processed unless they have been properly packaged for transport. Contact one of our participating offices for additional details.