Search Tips

DEQ Facility and Permit Summary (PDS) Search

  • To receive a complete list of all permits, leave all fields blank or "No Restrictions."
  • AFIN, Permit Number, Facility Name, and Facility City are matched if the record contains what you enter.
  • SIC and NAICS are matched if the record starts with what you enter.
  • The Permit Name/Address field matches on a contains search against the permit Mailing Address field in the permit record.
  • All other fields are matched if the record equals what you enter.

Please Note:

All selection criteria are additive, meaning that all criteria must be matched for a record to be displayed. This means that if you provide too many selection criteria, you might end up disallowing otherwise valid results from being displayed.

Names can be tricky, because the match is strictly character by character. It is frequently better to use only a portion of a company name, in case of differences in spelling. For instance, the database might use "&," while you might enter "and," and these don't match. You might abbreviate a word, but it might be spelled out in the database. Since the Facility Name and the Permit Name/Address fields use a contains method of searching, your search might work better using only a portion of the facility name or address, and then add other fields – such as county or city or media type – to narrow the list further.