Enterprise Services

DEQ's Enterprise Services staff helps Arkansas businesses comply with existing environmental regulations and reduce or eliminate the emissions and wastes generated.

This program also administers the Recycling Equipment Tax Credit Program for businesses that buy equipment to provide recycling services for themselves and other entities. In addition , it provides DEQ’s liaison to the Compliance Advisory Panel/ Marketing Recyclables Program, an independent entity that helps businesses with their sustainability needs and assists small businesses with concerns and difficulties with permits.

Our services include:

  • On-site visits
  • One-on-one compliance and permit assistance
  • Pollution prevention (P2) and best management practice (BMP) assistance
  • Acting as a liaison between permit applicants and DEQ's regulatory divisions
  • Arkansas Recycling Markets Directory, which provides contacts for business that want to sell their recyclables
  • Promotion of RENEW, a resource exchange network for eliminating waste
  • Educational opportunities, such as workshops, training, and informational materials
  • Industry-specific assistance