The calculator below and fact sheet on permit requirements are made available as tools to aid the public and are not intended to provide legal advice or replace, supplant, or amend any federal or state regulation. Additionally, any summary of regulatory requirements found on this web page does not relieve any entity subject to regulation of its legal obligation to fully comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Arkansas air permit requirements are evaluated on a facility-wide basis. Additional calculations may be necessary to fully evaluate a facility's permitting requirements. To assure full compliance, each emission source must be evaluated, and if the sum of these emissions exceeds the thresholds noted below, then a permit is required.

Air Emission Calculator

The following calculator can help you determine if you need a permit. The calculator uses emission factors from the

More accurate emission factors may be available from the manufacturer of the equipment or stack testing. When calculating, use the highest throughputs possible rather than relying on averages.

Note:  You may use the default emission factors or enter your own. The Reset Default button will clear all throughput data and reset the default emission factors.

Incinerator Air Emission Calculator

When you have selected the Waste Type and entered the amount of Waste Burned (tons per year), select the Calculate Emissions button. Your emissions will be calculated for you.

 (tons per year)

Emissions (tons per year)