Saltwater Disposal System Surface Facility

Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission (AOGC) Required Approval Document

  • An AOGC “Authority to Dispose” letter
  • An approved AOGC Form 23 (for a change of operator only)
  • Any other AOGC approved form to construct and/or operate a Class II Salt Water Disposal well
  • Find the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission forms, contacts and detailed information on their website under AOGC General Operator Requirements

Maps Showing Location of Facility

A copy (8 ½" X 11") of both the USGS topographic quad sheet map and county map showing the location of the facility, and the nearest waterbody, water supplies, dwellings, and property lines, and including transmission lines (above and below ground surface); including the name and distance to the nearest waterbody.

Site Plan/ Schematic Diagram

Site plan/schematic diagram of the disposal system showing:

  • connected wells
  • tanks (type and sizes and capacity in barrels)
  • treaters, gunbarrels, separators
  • pumps
  • cut-off switches
  • emergency storage (firewalls) dimensions
  • piping (sizes and materials)
  • composition of secondary containment

Calculations of Containment Volumes

Calculations of containment volumes to demonstrate adequate secondary containment capacity of at least 1.5 times the size of the largest tank within the secondary containment area.

List of Production Wells

List of production wells connected to the system or list of production wells from which the well receives salt water INCLUDING the volumes of salt water received from each production well.