Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Report

    Biennial Assessment
  • Every two years all water quality data from the Department’s monitoring networks and any other readily available data is compiled into an integrated report (IR) which describes the current condition of the State’s waters.
  • To compile the IR, the Office of Water – Planning Branch solicits water quality data from around the state and assesses conditions using analyses and requirements laid out in a document entitled “The Assessment Methodology” (AM), which is reviewed by the Planning Branch as needed. Waters which are not meeting the Water Quality Standards or are not supporting their designated uses as laid out in Rule 2 are noted and scheduled for corrective action.
  • The IR, which is required by Section 305(b) of the Clean Water Act, is used to prepare the list of impaired waters (Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act), accompanied by a statewide nonpoint source assessment, an Index of Watershed Indicators and numerous other water quality management needs.
  • Arkansas's 303(d) List, 305(b) Report, and Assessment Methodology by Year