Arkansas Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL)

Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act and 40 C.F.R. § 130.7 require states to develop a list of impaired waters (303(d) list) – waters not meeting water quality standards, (APC&EC Rule 2).

Waterbodies on the 303(d) list are prioritized for corrective action to improve water quality including Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) development.

A TMDL is a calculation developed for waters that are not meeting or are at risk of not attaining water quality standards. The TMDL calculates the maximum amount of a pollutant a waterbody can receive and still meet water quality standards.

TMDLs calculate waterbody loads at critical conditions and provide a margin of safety to account for uncertainties. The calculated loads are allocated to point source discharges as a wasteload allocation and to nonpoint sources as a load allocation.

Arkansas Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)

Draft TMDLs at Public Notice

Search for draft TMDLs issued by DEQ’s Water Office.

Review the draft document and find the dates marking the beginning and end of each draft’s public comment period.

Final TMDLs

Below is a list of final TMDLs issued by DEQ.

Water Body TMDL Date Pollutant(s) Planning Segment
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Ables Creek   9/28/2023  Turbidity  2B
Bayou Bartholomew   10/08/2002  Turbidity  2B
Bayou Bartholomew   12/18/2002  Mercury in Fish Tissue  2B
Bayou Bartholomew   6/01/2007  Pathogens  2B
Bayou Bartholomew   3/31/2008  Chloride  2B
Bayou Bartholomew   3/31/2008  Sulfate  2B
Bayou Bartholomew   3/31/2008  Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)  2B
Bayou DeView   1/06/2006  Turbidity  4B
Bayou Dorcheat   12/10/2002  Mercury in Fish Tissue  1A
Bayou Dorcheat   9/27/2012  Sulfate  1A
Bayou Dorcheat   9/27/2012  pH  1A
Bayou Dorcheat   9/27/2012  Lead   1A
Bayou Macon   3/03/2005  Turbidity  2A
Bear Creek Lake   1/16/2007  Nutrient  5B
Bearhouse Creek   6/01/2007  Pathogens  2B
Beech Creek   9/27/2012  Lead  1A
Beech Creek   9/27/2012  Turbidity  1A
Beech Creek    9/27/2012  Dissolved Oxygen  1A
Big Bayou   3/03/2005  Turbidity  2A
Big Bayou   3/03/2005  Chloride  2A
Big Cornie Creek   9/29/2021  Sulfate  2E
Big Creek   3/27/2008  Turbidity  2C
Big Creek   9/27/2012  Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)  1A
Big Creek   9/27/2012  Lead  1A
Big Creek   9/27/2012  pH  1A
Big Creek   9/27/2012  Sulfate  1A
Big Creek near Sheridan   1/16/2007  Dissolved Oxygen  2C
Big Creek near Sheridan   3/21/2008  Turbidity  2C
Big Creek    9/27/2012  Chloride   1A
Big Johnson Lake   5/25/2004  Mercury in Fish Tissue  2D
Blackfish Bayou   3/27/2008  Turbidity  5A
Bodcau Creek   9/27/2012  pH  1A
Bodcau Creek   9/27/2012  Turbidity  1A
Bodcau Creek   9/27/2012  Lead  1A
Bodcau Creek    9/27/2012  Copper  1A
Boeuf River   3/03/2005  Chloride  2A
Boeuf River   3/03/2005  Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)  2A
Boeuf River   3/03/2005  Turbidity  2A
Boeuf River   3/03/2005  Sulfate  2A
Bull Shoals (White River) Tailwaters   5/01/2009  Dissolved Oxygen  4I
Cache River   1/06/2006  Turbidity  4B
Caddo River   3/21/2008  Zinc  2F
Caddo River   3/21/2008  Copper  2F
Cadron Creek   1/05/2006  Turbidity  3D
Caney Creek   10/28/2019  Pathogens  4G
Champagnolle Creek   12/18/2002  Mercury in Fish Tissue  2D
Chemin-A-Haut Creek   6/01/2007  Pathogens  2B
Clear Creek   9/01/2009  Pathogens  3J
Cooper Creek   10/28/2019  Pathogens  4G
Cove Creek Lake   12/10/2002  Mercury in Fish Tissue  3H